Fetal Development Education

Pregnancy Support Volunteers use medically accurate videos to assist clients in learning about the development of their unborn baby.

There are four different video classes clients may view for fetal development

  • Your Developing Baby
  • Ultrasound, Window to the Womb
  • Bonding With Your Unborn Baby 
  • Unborn Babies Secret World
  • Fetal models are also available for clients to view

Education on pregnancy and all options, including abortion

Clients will meet with a pregnancy support volunteer who will assist them with understanding their pregnancy and if desired the options they have during this time in their life.

You can call the center at 509-684-9895 for an appointment or we also accept walk-ins.  Bear in mind if you walk in you may have to wait for the next available support volunteer to help you.


First Time Parents

Are you about to become a first-time parent? Maybe you have just become a first-time parent.
Are you uncertain about how to care for a newborn? These classes are for individual clients whom have limited or no experience with child care.
Pregnancy support volunteers use many hands-on demonstrations which build confidence in the care of infants.
Classes are fun, interactive, and very informative.  They are about two hours long, meeting once a week for six weeks. 

Best of all, their FREE!

  • Week One – Welcoming baby home.  What to Expect.  Breastfeeding / Bottle Feeding.  Diapers.  Bath Time and Colic
  • Week Two – Keeping Baby Healthy.  Choosing a Doctor.  Check-ups.  Caring for a sick baby.  Immunizations
  • Week Three – Developing baby’s personality.  Three major qualities.  Home environment.  The oldest child.
  • Week Four – Your child’s spiritual training.  Self-control.  Patience, Joy, Obedience, Goodness, Meekness, Kindness, Gentleness, Peace, Faith and Love
  • Week Five – Loving correction
  • Week Six 0 The fun side of being a family and Play time

Earn While You Learn Classes

The Earn While You Learn program (EWYL) is designed to help you expand your knowledge of pregnancy and parenting issues.  Classes take between 10-45 minutes and are scheduled around you as an individual.

There are over 150 classes to choose from touching on subjects such as pregnancy, parenting and fatherhood.

To start Earn While You Learn classes, make an appointment to meet with a pregnancy support volunteer one on one.  If you keep your appointment you will earn $5.00 Boutique Bucks.  Then you and the pregnancy support volunteer will view the lesson you have chosen.  For participating in the class you earn $10.00 in Boutique Bucks. 

You will receive a homework sheet to take home and finish.  If you return your completed work sheet, you earn another $5.00 in Boutique Bucks.  This makes each EWYL Class worth a total of $20.00 Boutique Bucks which you can then use in the Boutique to purchase new or like new items that have been donated to the center.  You also have the option to save it and build a savings for the purchase a larger item in the future.

Ongoing Peer Counseling

Clients have the opportunity  to continue to meet with a pregnancy support volunteer throughout their pregnancy and up to their child’s  5th birthday.

Childbirth Education

We proudly partner with our local hospital referring clients to their childbirth classes that are taught by certified childbirth instructors.

We also have a four video series on childbirth clients are welcomed to view after completing the hospital course.

Maternity and Baby Clothing and Baby Furniture Items

Clients who choose to continue services through NEW Family Life Services have two ways to obtain material items they need.

1.  Helping Hands – Each client receives a list of items monthly. Items available are used but still in usable condition including but not limited to:  Clothing sizes – Preemie through 4 toddler and Maternity, bedding, shoes, outer-wear, toys, books, baby furniture (Cribs, strollers, car seats…), diapers and other miscellaneous baby items.  


2.  Boutique – In the boutique clients will find new and like new items the can “purchase” with boutique bucks they earn through participation in the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program.  Items include but are not limited to:  Clothing, baby furniture, toys, books and house wares.

Housing through the Maternity Home

NEW Family Life Services offers safe housing for clients who are homeless and pregnant.  Coming along side residents in support and instruction as they constructively plan for their future and the future of their unborn child.